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Sturdi-Built Greenhouse

Trillium Greenhouse Kit

Trillium Greenhouse Kit

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Discover our eye catching, space-efficient solution for avid gardeners – the Trillium greenhouse. With a compact footprint, our freestanding greenhouses maximize growing space through a taller design. Equipped with a prefabricated 18-inch base wall with screened vents and automated roof vents, our distinctive greenhouse designs ensure optimal airflow for growing. The Trillium Greenhouse kit is handcrafted with the highest quality redwood available, in Portland Oregon, providing gardening delight for decades to come.  

Delivery options

1. Customer pick up

2. Door to Door shipping- We will ship your greenhouse anywhere in the contiguous United States. 

3. Local Delivery - Sturdi Built will deliver your Greenhouse for a small fee within a 140 mile radius of our Portland OR location. 


Included With Your Greenhouse Kit:

  • Preassembled roof, walls, and base wall
  • 24” wide x 6’-6” tall Full-Lite door, hinged left to swing in
  • One roof vent with automated solar vent opener
  • 6mm polycarbonate roof and 1/8” double-strength glass walls
  • 18” high redwood and cedar base wall with one screened vent per side
  • Two rafter ties and four arched gussets to support snow loads of up to 70 pounds per square foot and winds loads of up to 120 MPH
  • Both printed and digital installation manual

Deluxe Accessory Package Adds:

  • Two full-length, 24-inch wide, 2-Tier Slat Benches 
  • Two full-length, 11-inch wide Wall Shelves  
  • One Plant Hanging Bar
  • 12" Oscillating Fan with Wall Mounting Block
  • 120V BioGreen Palma Electric Heater with Digital Thermostat
  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer 

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