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Sturdi-Built Greenhouse

Watering Wands & Recoil Hose

Watering Wands & Recoil Hose

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Introducing our versatile Watering and Misting Wand, designed for effortless gardening and greenhouse maintenance. With its slip-resistant handle and easy on/off hand trigger, watering becomes a breeze. The 16” wand boasts eight adjustable watering patterns, for delicate seedbeds and flowerbeds, the 24” wand's shower head features 660 precision holes. Enjoy added convenience with the included 25 ft. recoil hose, ensuring hassle-free storage. Crafted with all-brass garden hose fittings guaranteeing durability and longevity. Lightweight and easy-to-use, our wands feature swivel fittings on both ends to prevent twisting and kinking. Whether in the garden or greenhouse, this tool is a must-have for maintaining lush, healthy plants.

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